Discover the natural products of Casanera in Porto-Vecchio

Discover the natural products of Casanera in Porto-Vecchio

Body and home care with the virtues of the maquis.

The Casanera 100% organic products come exclusively from Corsican soil. The handpicked plants are from the Corsican scrub and citrus growing in the south of the island, amid century-old orchards.

There is a sumptuous range of products with the gentle benefits of the Corsican maquis that are available, including myrtle, wild mint, and a mix of other wild maquis plants. There is, indeed, something for everyone. Discover the virtues of these plants in the form of essential oils, distilled in a traditional manner. As for the hard soaps with juniper essence, myrtle and rosemary, their exquisite perfume is nothing short of beguiling.

Natural and plant-based candles, manufactured in the region in an entirely traditional way, will evoke emotional memories of your trip once you've returned home. The products of this small brand of Corsican know-how impart olfactory pleasure and an immediate sense of wellbeing. You too give to Casanera and its “Made in Maquis” guarantee!

Casanera Porto-Vecchio
11 rue du Général de Gaulle
20137 Porto-Vecchio

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